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Girls Dream Code's Event Launch!

We hosted our first event on Saturday, March 14th, 2020, at the Ramsey County Library in the Twin Cities, MN, and it was a success! The workshop, Learn Game Development with JavaScript, had a great turnout and really focused on introducing the concept of programming to the young girls.

We went over important foundational concepts about programming, such as variables, data types, type conversion, if/else statements, logical & comparison operators, conditional loops, printing output, errors & debugging and more.

We also covered some cool JavaScript functions such as alerts and prompts and creating functions. In the end, we used all of the knowledge that we learned and worked on our own random number guessing game. The code will be posted below!

All in all, the first event was a success. We also got great feedback from the girls that attended such as: "The information given was easy to follow and made a lot of sense.", "It was really fun 10/10 I recommend it to anyone", "I really learned a lot today, so thank you!", "Keep up the great work!"

We try our best to strive for innovation, creativity, and collaboration at all of the Girls Dream Code workshops and events and hope to continue to increase the diversity & inclusivity and close the gender gap in the tech industry. Thank you to all the volunteers, parents, and the girls for making this first workshop one to remember! Looking forward to the next one and what else is in store for the organization. Remember, aspire to be great and innovate!

The instructor and tech assistants!

Random Number Guessing Game JavaScript Code:

var randomNumber = function() {
    var num = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 10);
    var randomnum = prompt("Guess the number " +
    "between 1 and 10");
    if (randomnum == num) {
        document.write(num + " is the right number.");
        document.write(" Your number " + randomnum +
        " matched!");
    else {
        document.write(num + " is the right number.");
        document.write(" Your number " + randomnum + 
        " did not match!");
//call the function

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