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Hour of Code - Dance Party Workshop!

Hello everybody,

Since schools are closed for the time being, we thought it would be a great idea to work on a virtual workshop to keep our minds focused and our creativity flowing! We have created a series of tutorial videos using Hour of Code's Dance Party project. The Dance party project uses Blockly, which is a visual programming language where you drag blocks of code and customize it to do whatever you want your program to do. It is a fun and visual way to learn how to code.

To get started, create an account using our section link: If you need any help getting set up, feel free to email us at Here are a couple of videos to help you get started with using and how to go through the Dance Party tutorial.

How to get set up with the Project:

Dance Party Tutorial Parts 1-5:

Dance Party Tutorial Parts 6-10:

Now that you have completed the tutorial, you are free to make your own dance party project and share the project with your friends! If you would like a certificate of completion from, fill out this link and we will send out a customized certificate for you to keep!

Remember to aspire to be great and innovate!

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