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Empowering Our Youth



Our Mission: Empowering young girls of color to pursue an interest in technology by providing free tech & computer science programs and workshops! 

Our Vision

Aspire to be Great and Innovate!

Collaborate, create, and accomplish. Make new friends all while challenging yourself, exploring new tools, developing new skills and achieving in STEM! 

Change the Norm!

Women make up only 25% of the technology workforce, while women of color make up only 10% according to a recent study. The gender and diversity gap is still a work in progress and that's what this organization hopes to address and work through in order to decrease the gap and increase inclusivity!

Check out our programs!

Our programs introduce young girls of color to tech activities & skills in a collaborative, creative and interactive way!

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For corporate sponsorships, partnerships with schools, nonprofit organizations, or companies, or any other inquiries, contact us! We'd love to hear from you!

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Support our mission and help us continue to provide workshops and empower young girls of color to achieve in STEM!

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