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Our Programs


Code Your Path

Web & Mobile App Development

Code Your Path is a program that introduces young girls to tech activities & skills. Girls learn about programming languages and software development and gain hands-on technology experience as they collaboratively work on a web app or mobile app project!



Tech Workshops

CodeTalkz is a program where we have fun and interactive workshops, for young girls, that cover different topics within technology & computer science, such as Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, Virtual Reality, Game Design, and more! This allows for girls to learn about trending areas within tech!


Code-Sync Labs

Software Engineering Internship

Code-Sync Labs is a paid student internship program for young college aged women where they will work together on a software engineering team, gain tech skills & develop the Code-Sync mobile app. The app will serve as a way to engage and stay connected with girls in our programs and provide tech resources!

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